Font Friday... Typodarium

Since I like fonts and I assume some of you like fonts I am going to try and do a Font Friday post most weeks. This week's is about this fabulous Font-A-Day calendar I tried to buy last year. It is created in Germany so by the time I was looking for a new calendar it appeared this was either not readily available here or was sold out. I was sad, I take my calendars seriously.

Then in February while on vacation I got an email to submit some of my fonts to this calendar for possible inclusion for 2011. When I got home and went to work on this project I found that all the slots had been filled in just a couple hours. Once again I was sad, but I went on a waiting list.

Late last week I got an email that there were now a few slots open and I could submit again. I went to work immediately and have just learned this week that the 4 fonts above will be included in the calendar. I am so excited.

Here is a fun You Tube video on this years calendar.

Now I just hope I can get my hands on the 2011 calendar.