More Cedar Rapids

Here is a picture of DT Cedar Rapids. I worked in the tan building on the right. Right across the street is the Paramount Theatre. I remember when they refurbished it to its original state. We were just talking last night how you walked into the lobby and then went down, down to the seats. There is an orchestra pit with the Mighty Wurlitzer. CR is/was one of the only two cities that had working theatre organs in original installations. The organ would be raised and lowered from the orchestra pit by hydraulic lifts. When we went to an event often as you were shown to your seat it was to music being played on the organ.

That all has to be underwater.

Apparently the flood has crested at 32 feet and has gone down 3 feet but it will be a week or so before people can even get back in to see how bad things are. They are now saying that the flood has exceeded the 500 year plan. 400 cities blocks are affected.

And now the flooding is even worse in the Iowa City area and several levees have broken in Des Moines. More places where we have good friends.

Sad. Shocking. And no way to be of any real help.