Does your dahg bite?

That's not mah dahg! Or something French like that. Today the Musee de Orsay...lots of Van Goghs, Monet (or is it Manet?), Renoirs? and that Rodin fella! Really neat paint by numbers kind of stuff! (Can anyone tell this is John commenting? I feel so art cultured!) But we stqrted our day goingup in the Tour Eiffel! Now that's my kind of fun! Top level baby! Oh, and Rae stopped at level two! Even on a cold blustery day, it was quit mahvelus! Oui Oui!Eating much bread and cheese and Rae is drunk on wine every night...then I take advantage of her...

OK enough of John getting to blog. We are now off to the Louvre.

We are enjoying the cute neighborhood. Tomorrow it zill be q little shopping etc/

Hey if you are reqding this let us know.