day 8

(Rae)Last night we went to the Louvre. It was fabulous, the art as much as the buildings.(John)Yeah, these French really know how to build things BIG. I mean the Louvre is so HUGE! HUGE! We saw three beautiful women there. The Mona Lisa, Venus deMilo and of course Rae! But man is it a lot of walking to even see those few pieces!

(Rae) I kept wondering why my feet hurt so much last night, then I realized that we walked or stood in line for 8 hours. So today we did less. (John) We did however go to the Arch de Triumphe today. It too is so HUGE! And amazingly beautifully detailed. I climbed the 284 stairs to the top, looked all around, took pictures and came back down of course. All the stairs with the exception of the top 20 or so go in a LONG spiral. NEAT! I commented they just don't build war monuments like this anymore. Then Rae suggested W might build one to himself before his term is ended! (That little Democrat minx!) We then walked the Champs de Elysses (and Mike-4, we ate real neopolitan pizza outside while people watching on the Boulevard!) Such touristas!

(Rae) And I am talking pictures of all the wrought iron grill work and will make a font of all of these les flourons of Paris. (John) Yeah...I turn around because I'm trying to keep track of my baby and she's no where to be seen...except she's in front of someone's doorway or window taking a photo. You have to watch this girl or she may just decide to take up residence here!

(Rae) Tomorrow we are going back to London. (John) Paris is great but the city needs to regroup after our visit! The all night parties for us have been non-stop. And those crazy parisians light up the Eiffel Tower just for us. Can you believe it?

(Rae) John is doing a fabulous time getting us places on the busses or metro. All while I am asking if we are going the right way, blah, blah. (John) But she does right to question my directional ability, but I must admit the map reading, busses and Metro are making sense to me. Go figure!

(Rae) More from London but not til Saturday, where we don't pay by the minute for internet. (John) Rae will also load pictures Saturday.

(Rae and John) Au revoir