Day 6

And this is not quite a QWERTY keypad. So excuse the odd spelling: Shortly bqck to the Eiffel Tozer: Went lqst nite but it was cold qnd windy: So we did not go up: but at 10pm it lit up with spqrkly blinking lights: Totally worth standing in the drizzle:

Walking sooooooooooooooooooooooo much. Over 5 miles a day: And that is taking all the shortest possible routes and all the Metro and busses we can:

oh yes i have gone to paris with inspector Clouseau, from the pink pqnther. john is speaking French even though he doesnt really know any:


(John) Hey! I speak beautiful francais! I have ALL the French women in stiches! (I keep wondering what they're laughing at!) Yes, the Eiffel Tower was spectacular last night as the bulbs flashed all over it for ten minutes or more! Fabulous. Today, Notre Dame. That was completely amazing and beautiful! We left prayers for Aunt Jaquie's upcoming surgery and for Rae's mother in a large book by the altar! We also did the Museum of Judaism which also had an exhibition of Rembrandts. (I'm getting so cultured no one will recognize me!) We also explored the neighborhood here and it contains all the prototypical French stores and shops. And oh, I've been ordering coffee and getting these tiny cups half filled. In this shopping district there is a Starbucks! This morning I ordered a coffee as big as my head! Now that's what I'm talking about! And I've become somewhat of a train least comfortable going underground anyway! Time to go. Heading to the Tour Eiffel and going up! John