Still Day 9

And back in London and finally in Matt's apartment. But what an ordeal. We were getting cocky, we were so proud of the fact that we figured out how to take the bus (which was basically free because we each got a weekly bus/metro pass for 16 euros) across Paris avoiding the $72 cab ride.

But we got screwed up here in London trying to take the tube to Matt's. Who knew there were 2, yes 2 Paddington stations? We saw one (the wrong one) twice and never saw the one we needed. Plus randomly they just close parts of the tube. That happened too. We finally just got out of the tube and caught a bus. Then nothing looked familiar, so we caught a cab. And just ordered a pizza. It is 10:20PM and Matt is still at work.

Today we went to the Sacre Cour, that is the big, white church on the top of the hill. John hiked up to the very peak of the dome over 200 steps on a very narrow circular staircase. I sat in the sun on the steps and people watched and thought about how absolutely perfect this trip has been.

And now some ramblings from John... Tomorrow I'll post some pictures as I need Matt's help for that.

(John) I hadn't mentioned I caught a nasty cold the day we arrived in London. I seem to do this. I come down from the stresses of work and immediately get sick. I guess that means I should never take a vacation! So here we are back in London and my sore throat to stuffy head to runny nose to now, a hacking cough have all contributed to that special allure Rae loves in me so much! Quit complaining! I'm in London/Paris/London. Grin and bear it!

We have mentioned the churches. There is little to compare to the sheer majesty and beauty of them. I know they're "just" structures in one sense, but what structures to sing and worship in. It would be glorious to hear voices sing in any of the ones we visited.

Yeah. I climbed to the top of the tower at Sacre Cour. 264 narrow, worn, spiral steps. I must admit I was winded but took some marvelous photos from up there. But then again, those photos will look like the ones from on top of the Eiffel Tower and the ones from the top of the Arch de Triomphe...just another view. Still magnificent.

This was a trip to remember and we will post the photos...maybe tomorrow. I'll also post some of my "musings" from the chunnel trip describing the countryside in more colorful detail. I'll bet you can't wait for that!

Time to go get medicated. Bye from London!