We are here

(John) This is a funny keyboard. Keep hitting the wrong keys. Anyway, we arrived safe and mostly sound. Took a little while getting acclimated to the train but arrived at the hotel around 9:30pm Sunday night. It was quite a sight seeing the Eifel Tower for the first time. Made Rae smile I can tell you. CRAP! These keyboard keys are just enough out of place to screw a non-typist up severely. The hotel is nice with an elevator big enough for only two. We've dined on the street a few times already and today went to the Pompidou Art Center. The building itself is a work of art. Took the bus back. decided that we could see a lot more above ground than in the metro below. The chunnel train was fun. Traveling at around 100-125 mph and zith other trains flying by in the opposite direction...it was quite fun. Actually, the countryside looks remarkably like WI or IA with crops in the early stages of spring growth.

Been a bit rainy but heh, what can you do but raise the umbrella and a glass of wine! Coke for me! By for now...all is well at 9:20pm Monday. Love to all

John (and Rae)