Day 2, May 25, 2007

We are here! It is 10AM and we are at Matt's very cute, very tiny apartment. It has very high ceilings. One of those places where the ceilings are higher than the foot print of the room. I hope this makes sense as I have slept maybe 2 hours since the last post. I can barely sleep at home after tricking myself to sleep so sleeping on a plane is next to impossible.

This was funny... we left all our electronics at home except for my tiny digital camera. John has his life in his BlackBerry. At some point yesterday he asks me if I know Matt's physical address. And I did as I printed maps and wrote that on there. Later it occured to me that since we only Skype or email that I don't know is apartment number. And since John isn't working he didn't bring his BlackBerry so no idea which apartment he lived in.

We now have met the young woman across the hall who did not know who Matt was. Luckily I pulled the key out of her lock as she was opening the door and she didn't notice.

And we met a priest in line going thru customs who is here to do a baptism and his nephew is 2 blocks from Matt's.

OK enought words that probably don't make any sense. I must get some sleep.