Day 1, May 24, 2007

It's early. Awake at 4AM in hopes of adjusting our body clocks a little. We will have a cab pick us up about 7. And then the traveling begins. We fly Eau Claire, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, London. We leave the house about 7AM, and arrive in London tomorrow about 7AM. Of course that is London time which is 6 hours ahead of Eau Claire time. And we are traveling light. We are sharing that blue suitcase and each have a backpack. As I packed my little backpack which include mostly things to do - a book, magazines, sox to knit, cameras, drawing supplies etc. I thought of being very little and going to Grandma's on Sunday. We were each to pack our Kabootle Kit with things to do so we would not be bored. Old habits die hard. (Our Kabootle Kits were tiny, boxy, suitcasey things that said Kabootle Kit on them - 3 little girls, 3 Kabootle Kits.)

And we are off!