The view from John

International travel really is odd and interesting especially for this Midwestern lad. Got up at 4am (you may have read this in Rae's account) and walk, carry, walk come more, eat some airport stuff, walk some more, one airport blends into another. Then a longish flight where the best you can do is watch a movie to pass the time, read and sleep if at all possible. It's just not a fishing trip to Minnesota for those that have that reference point. It's always a challenge to see how quickly you can set up your routine and have common places to lay your stuff. The overseas flight had a map feature on the TV screen at your seat showing the plane's progress and abunch of neat stats. Brother Jym would appreciate this. -76 degrees Farenheit! Traveling at 600mph or to put that another way, a mile every 6 seconds! Really cool!

But, we're here, tired, just had some fish and chips to quell our stomachs and now maybe a little nap before Matt joins us.

Love to all John