Monday, May 14, 2007

I can't believe I have a blog. I am not a blogger. I am not a writer. I kind of try to avoid blogs even though there are many I do enjoy. I have such a virtual life and spend so much time living in my head that a blog addiction would mean even more time connected to my computer.

But I am getting us ready for John and Rae's Excellent Adventure as John is calling it. And Ann suggested a blog. And since I wanted Jane and Steve to do one or send one little email while they are in India I am doing this for family and select friends.

My hope is to put up a little update each day. We will be gone 12 days, 5 in London and 5 in Paris 2 travel days. Our ability to update will have to do with where and when we can log on as I am not taking my computer. But if you don't see an entry don't be alarmed since we are new to this and it may not work as well as I hope. I'll try to add photos if I can.

And this trip is for our 20th Anniversary. In July we will be married 20 years and in August we will have been together 25. And since Matt is living in London that made it all the better.

And I got this fun little panoramic camera for the trip. So possibly after we get back there may be more photos posted. I have a thing for little plastic cameras.

Check back after the 24th!