Christmas knitting...

These make great gifts and you can still knit some up for Christmas as they are quick and easy and one size so far fits all. Not to mention every one seems to love them or are being very kind, one or the other.

This is a Mac & Me pattern called #070 Firm Fitting Fingerless Gloves. I knit mine out of one strand of Berroco Suede using 2 different colors. I use black as one of the colors because I always wear some black and think most people do too.

My only criticism of the pattern is small and has nothing to do with knitting. But the entire pattern is set in all caps. Sigh. As a typographer I have a real thing about using all caps for anything that uses a lot of copy. Actually anything more than one line. It is hard to read, always. I have no idea why people do this. Other than that it is an enjoyable, well written, easy to follow pattern.

Happy Knitting.