Thanksgiving is coming...

And I am going to share an old family recipe from my childhood. And since it is an old family recipe it does have marshmallows in it. My Mom did not like to cook. In fact she told me once that she resented every meal she ever made. But she made this and it is always a potluck hit. It also looks nice and festive on the table. People who don't like cranberries like this.

Betty's Cranberry Salad

1# chopped cranberries 3C chopped/diced apples 3/4 bag of small marshmallows I add some grapes cut in half, you could also add pineapple instead of the grapes. You could probably add both if you want.

The recipe says: Mix all ingredients together and add 2C sugar and let stand overnight in refrigerator.

I add 1C sugar and taste test in the morning. I add more sugar if needed. Generally 1C is enough. And in a pinch I have not let it sit overnight.

I drain any excess liquid.

Before serving add real whipped cream. This is one recipe where it needs to be the real thing. I mix some in. Put in a pretty bowl. And I add the rest as a big whipped layer on top.