Another non-resume building skill

"Synesthesia" means one sensory experience described in terms of another sensory experience, such as hearing colors or seeing notes.I smell colors. Actually I smell a smell and know what color it is. I've always been confused by the color perfumes are. I have some perfume that is colored blue. And I was so surprised that it did not smell blue. Apparently perfume manufacturers don't know that they need to match the smell with the right color. They probably don't even know that there is a smell color association. I first noticed this at the Country Kitchen we use to visit in the wee hours in my college days. The bathrooms were heavily air freshened. One place had a bright neon blue green color smell, another place had a vile neon florescent hot pink color smell. What is surprising is that at some point in time you figure out that other people don't do this. And this usually comes with some very strange looks.