chapter a day on npr...

I am a huge fan of National Public Radio. You can listen to it on the radio, computer or I often listen to it on my iPhone using both of these apps. They are free. I plug my iPhone into a Yamaha Portable Dock at my desk. (If you are interested see link on right.)

At 12:30 I enjoy foraging for lunch and being read to. It must be a carry over from my childhood. Plus when you work from home you need routines. This kind of anchors my day.

Chapter a Day® is heard daily at 12:30pm and 11:00pm on the Ideas Network stations of Wisconsin Public Radio

The five most recent chapters are available for RealAudio on-demand listening on the Chapter a Day® Webcasting page.

In September 1927, Harold B. McCarty pulled a book from his briefcase to unknowingly begin one of the longest-running radio programs in history. Harold McCarty's book led to another... and another, and another. Today Karl Schmidt, Jim Fleming, and other readers continue the tradition as they read a chapter from a great book each day. The five most recent chapters are available online on the Chapter a Day webcasting page.

My only disappointment is that I can't go back and listen to the shows I miss without downloading some older software that WPR uses. It's called Real Audio. My guess is that is probably just works automatically on a PC but not a Mac as we use iTunes. I should figure this out as they have archives of others things that could be fun to listen to as I work.