100 Maverick Postcards by Alan Fletcher

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I know I am on a postcard kick. But I  got this recent pack of 100 oversized postcards and I really like them.

  • 100 quirky and original postcards created and chosen by Alan Fletcher
  • A collection inspired by the award-winning The Art of Looking Sideways
  • Contains a witty and entertaining feast for the eye and the mind
  • Alan Fletcher is one of the world's leading designers, whose originality has attracted a large following
  • Presented in a handy and attractive lightweight wooden box
  • Will appeal to all creative and visual people looking for something different

Alan Fletcher belongs to that elite international group of designers who have transcended the conventional boundaries of their craft. He is a founder member of the design group Pentagram and has tackled every fact of design with a unique style and purpose. He is consultant Art Director to Phaidon Press.

I also have his book The Art of Looking Sideways which I find to be pure eye candy.