cards and fabric and wallpaper, oh my


new birthday cards, new fabric and the same pattern in wallpaper. Yes I am old school and like to send and receive birthday cards. (I think I got 17 for my recent birthday!) I like any form of real mail where someone actually writes in their own handwriting. Three years ago I made my own cards and had a year's worth printed and have been doing it each year since. I guess am my mother's daughter. She always had boxes of cards. They had a range of holidays, birthday, sympathy, congratulations... I also like having cards in the house especially Sympathy and Birthday. This year I made 2 cards using icons from several of my fonts, most of which came from Birthday Doodles. And they are printed and in my etsy store. I also have used the print in my spoonflower shop and it is available in fabric or wallpaper. If you live in Madison the cards are available at Hatch Art House.