lake and sky scarf, done!


Done! This weekend I decided my scarf was done. For 7 months I knit 2 rows a day using yarns that looked like the sky and lake colors outside. It was a sunny, sparkly 7 months and I love how my scarf turned out. What you don't see is the 2 spools of aqua metallic yarn that I used.

I am not really a scarf person but my neck is always cold in Winter. So I am crafting some warm solutions that I will wear and this is one. Cozy and toasty around my neck but relatively short by today's scarf standards. I think that is what I don't like about most scarves, too long and too much fabric. I really enjoyed making this piece of conceptional knitting.

sky & lake scarf - august


We have had a hot and sunny Summer. I think I heard this is the hottest on record for Wisconsin. It has actually felt long enough that I will be happy to see Fall. That is an improvement over my usual whinny self who never thinks it is long enough.

That means that my scarf continues to look much the same, just longer... mostly blues, lots of sparkle and a few hazy gray days.

In a recent stash consolidation I ran across these 2 balls of white that will be a nice Winter addition. And the ball of ribbon on the left was part of my mother's stash. A successful project is always one where I can add a little bit of something from her stash. I cannot remember what she ever knit with this. Maybe nothing. I have lots of odds and ends in my stash waiting for the right project. She would be happy to know I was using this.

You can see an explanation of this project and my other monthly posts if you click on the Ravelry link on the right.


sky & lake scarf - july


pretty much month after month my scarf looks the same, just longer. I still enjoy each day knitting 2 rows that look like my view. The photo does not show the sparkle of the morning sun on the lake. I've been knitting in odds and ends of metallic thread and yarn in silver and aqua. I hope to knit one year exactly. If I do that then I am now 1/3 done.

If you are interested in the project or my past posts on this you can see it all using the Ravelry link on the right. See you next month!


sky & lake scarf - june


my scarf is coming along rather nicely. Weather-wise it has been insanely hot and sunny. The last 3 days have been over 100 degrees. In Wisconsin this is very unusual. If you don't know what I am doing here this is the Sky Scarf which I am making the Sky & Lake Scarf. Each day I knit 2 rows that are the colors of what is out my window. If you want to see more about this project you can click on the Ravelry link on the right.

And next week we are on vacation!!! Due to lack of funds, extreme heat and general lack of interest we are staying at home for the week and planning lots of day trips. From Epic to Hamilton Type Museum with a Woody Allen movie and some restaurants that we have not been to. I'll try and post a little something maybe each day next week so you can armchair travel with us.

And I am ending my week without New Orleans Doodles done. The tech guy who is helping me may be in Russia so our emails are out of sync. So it is time to just give up and take some time off.


sky & lake scarf - april


i've been knitting on my Sky & Lake Scarf now for about a month. And this is what it looks like now.

As you can see it has been rather gray lately. I've really enjoyed knitting this. As my header says I spend a lot of time living in my head. So consciously knitting 2 rows each day that look like the sky and lake is a really good thing for me. It is nice to get up from the computer and go sit by the window and pick up my knitting for a few minutes.

If you don't know what I am doing here is my first post where I explain conceptual knitting. See you next month. Oh and I am going to post this on Ravelry too.

sky & lake scarf - conceptual knitting

  I am intrigued by the Sky Scarf from Lea Redmond of Leafcutter Designs.

"Sky Scarf" documents the weather outside your window. Each day you are to knit a stripe in colors that match the sky.

Since this is the view outside my window I decided to knit this scarf as a "Sky & Lake Scarf". That means I will pick my colors from both the sky and lake and add a little sparkle that is in the water.

Lea suggests using 2 strands of each of 3 colors but I just could not stop at 3. With a project like this the first thing I do is dig through my stash and I came up with 5 skeins and a spool of metalic and some skinny silver thread. At Lakeside Fiber Kathy helped me with the 3 colors on the right. So I have my palette. It may be cumbersome to use so many colors.

This will be today's colors. Can't start yet. I have to download the pattern and decide on size of needles and amount of stitches.

I love the whole though of conceptual knitting. And since I like to have many projects going at once this is a guilt-free one because I can only knit 2 rows a day. I am thinking that this would be a lovely mid-day break to sit and knit my 2 rows.

Eventually I'll post on Ravelry and I'll post on this monthly so you can see my progress. See you in 25 days!


knit your own cat or dog



How cute are these? The cat book is just out.

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You can have both books for a little over $20 from Amazon. What cheap, good knitting fun.