sky & lake scarf - june


my scarf is coming along rather nicely. Weather-wise it has been insanely hot and sunny. The last 3 days have been over 100 degrees. In Wisconsin this is very unusual. If you don't know what I am doing here this is the Sky Scarf which I am making the Sky & Lake Scarf. Each day I knit 2 rows that are the colors of what is out my window. If you want to see more about this project you can click on the Ravelry link on the right.

And next week we are on vacation!!! Due to lack of funds, extreme heat and general lack of interest we are staying at home for the week and planning lots of day trips. From Epic to Hamilton Type Museum with a Woody Allen movie and some restaurants that we have not been to. I'll try and post a little something maybe each day next week so you can armchair travel with us.

And I am ending my week without New Orleans Doodles done. The tech guy who is helping me may be in Russia so our emails are out of sync. So it is time to just give up and take some time off.