sky & lake scarf - conceptual knitting

  I am intrigued by the Sky Scarf from Lea Redmond of Leafcutter Designs.

"Sky Scarf" documents the weather outside your window. Each day you are to knit a stripe in colors that match the sky.

Since this is the view outside my window I decided to knit this scarf as a "Sky & Lake Scarf". That means I will pick my colors from both the sky and lake and add a little sparkle that is in the water.

Lea suggests using 2 strands of each of 3 colors but I just could not stop at 3. With a project like this the first thing I do is dig through my stash and I came up with 5 skeins and a spool of metalic and some skinny silver thread. At Lakeside Fiber Kathy helped me with the 3 colors on the right. So I have my palette. It may be cumbersome to use so many colors.

This will be today's colors. Can't start yet. I have to download the pattern and decide on size of needles and amount of stitches.

I love the whole though of conceptual knitting. And since I like to have many projects going at once this is a guilt-free one because I can only knit 2 rows a day. I am thinking that this would be a lovely mid-day break to sit and knit my 2 rows.

Eventually I'll post on Ravelry and I'll post on this monthly so you can see my progress. See you in 25 days!