uppercase magazine


in the interest of full disclosure I must say that I am a new affiliate for this magazine. How affiliate advertising works is if you use the link from my site to their site and buy something I get a percent or dollar amount. I very rarely make anything on my affiliate ads. Except for the Amazon link at the bottom, I make a little there.

That said I want to say how much I truly enjoy Uppercase Magazine. I am now into my second year of receiving this magazine and still like it as much as I did in beginning. It is printed on lovely heavy paper that has that ink on paper smell that I so love. It has interesting topics, great illustration and good font choices. It comes out 4 times a year and I always feel like I am getting a gift in the mail.

My only criticism is the size and weight of the body copy. It is a bit hard for me to read especially the italic and it is nearly impossible when the light small face is over a colored patterned background.

They have a great blog too. You can check the magazine out here. Yes it is a pricey subscription but it really is getting 4 books a year rather than 4 magazines a year. The tag line says it is a magazine for the creative and curious and it is that. Check them out here.

slightly different blogging...

You may (or may not have) noticed my new cleaner look. And my use of my webfonts - Cordially Yourz and Drop Cap One. Following my newer look it seems like my content should be different too. Last week I had coffee with my Gang of 4 graphic artist group and we talked about how designers often created design driven product rather than thinking more about their message. So the month of August will be a test for me to try and do that. I've always been unsure what my message is... maybe it will be me just chatting with you about random things.

Of course what would a blog for a artist be without visuals so I am also going to do...

Susanna Conway is suggesting that people sort of take a break from regular blogging for the month of August and post a photo each day. So while I think about my message I will try to put up a photo daily with the above badge.

Enjoy Summer... it feels like it is slipping away fast... and have a margarita at Laredos. That is Summertime fun.



Love these patterns. They look like kimonos to me. And they should since Japanizer is a traditional Japanese background generator. You choose from one of their patterns, pick the size, the print color and the background color and voila they do all the work for you. Go here to create some of your own. Have fun.


I heart fab.com

As most of you know I work from home. We live on an isthmus, the main street to get anywhere has been torn up since April and will be until October. One of the last times I ventured out a dump truck side-swiped the side of the Miata.

If I wasn't a fan of internet shopping before this Summer I certainly am now.

I am also a fan of contemporary well designed items. Fab.com is a deal site for designed goods. It has the kind of things you would find at a museum gift shop but at reduced prices. The site just opened in June. They send an email each day. So I get a little bit of shopping from my desk everyday.

If you like contemporary items at a nice discount check it out. http://fab.com/47dtod With this link you can request membership to the site.

And I just treated myself to this little computer bag for my MacBookAir. Fun.

7-day free trial to lynda.com

i heart pugly pixel...

Pugly Pixel is a delightful website FULL of blog palettes, layouts, blog stock, brushes, clip art, fonts, textures, tips, and tutorials. Much of this goodness is even free. Katrina also has premium blog bling for an amazingly low price of $5 a month. Totally worth checking out. While surfing her site I found Desktop Notes... a much improved version of Stickies. More on that next week.

Free 100 Business Cards!

to tweet or not to tweet, that is the question...

I guess I don't tweet... well I sort of tweet. I have it set up so my posts link to twitter. If you want to follow me there I am raejk.

I blog and that blog is also a website, I have a facebook page and a biz facebook page so I just can't tweet too. But on some level I guess I think I should. But if I did then I would not have any time to actually go out of the house and do anything to talk about.

But for those of you who want to understand how twitter works here is a great link at Jessica Hische's site.