uppercase magazine


in the interest of full disclosure I must say that I am a new affiliate for this magazine. How affiliate advertising works is if you use the link from my site to their site and buy something I get a percent or dollar amount. I very rarely make anything on my affiliate ads. Except for the Amazon link at the bottom, I make a little there.

That said I want to say how much I truly enjoy Uppercase Magazine. I am now into my second year of receiving this magazine and still like it as much as I did in beginning. It is printed on lovely heavy paper that has that ink on paper smell that I so love. It has interesting topics, great illustration and good font choices. It comes out 4 times a year and I always feel like I am getting a gift in the mail.

My only criticism is the size and weight of the body copy. It is a bit hard for me to read especially the italic and it is nearly impossible when the light small face is over a colored patterned background.

They have a great blog too. You can check the magazine out here. Yes it is a pricey subscription but it really is getting 4 books a year rather than 4 magazines a year. The tag line says it is a magazine for the creative and curious and it is that. Check them out here.