yes, camping

without a doubt, if I had to do real camping I would be eaten by a bear. I am completely without skills in this area. But the good thing is that I have no desire to acquire them. We went to a graduation, pig roast and camp out. And decided to be good sports and camp. After many iPhone photos and possibly 5 phone calls to the tent owners and some help the tent was up. John never tent camped and the last time I did it was a canvas tent with a pole in the center. I doubt I had anything to do with putting it up.

We did camp in comfort though with a fan, lamp, table, rug, queen sized blow up mattress, nice linens etc. It even got cool at night. It was a nice time great food, good tunes, fireworks... but in the future I think I'll stick to drawing tents.

(Thanks for the loan of the tent Lois, it was nice and big and very comfy.)