singing is good for your heart

i made this sign after enjoying one of my daily heart-healthy noon hours with the Solidarity Singalong at the Capitol in Madison:

As I looked around the song circle, I wondered why others have made a point to sing together regularly for 16 weeks. This is what they said:

Char. Retired Special Educator. “Singing with this group gives me hope that we can save our great state.”

Jason. PhD Student at UW-Madison. “I am a citizen of WI first and foremost. My love for the people of WI, our education and environment compels me to sing at the Capitol and stand up to Walker’s wrongheaded policies.”

Kati. Madison Elementary Art Teacher. “I sing to let Walker and the rest of the GOP know that we aren’t going away.”

Joy. PhD Student in Classics at UW-Madison. “I sing because every act of protest, however small, is a reminder that we cannot afford complacency in Wisconsin any longer.”

Peggy. Teacher, Mom. “I give voice to my desire that the Wisconsin that generations of our ancestors worked to build be the same Wisconsin that we leave for future generations.”

Alexandra. School Social Worker in Madison. “Going to the Singalong reminds me I am not alone and that there is reason to hope.”

Anica. Oncology Nurse. “I love that we have created a community where

there wasn’t one before.”

Prentice. Restaurant Owner, Musician. “Protesting Scott Walker: Strummin’ his shame with our fingers, singin’ his wrongs with our words, Recalling him softly with our songs, recalling him softly with our songs, recalling him softly…with our songs.”

To learn more, join us daily from noon to 1-or watch WKOW Story on June 24 Solidarity Singalong

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