Yamaha Portable Player Dock PDX-30

Knowing I need more business write-offs for this year and because I didn't have a good speaker system for my iPod/iPhone I got this little player. It is small and small is important now. It easily sits on a shelf next to my desk. And I can play my ancient version 3 iPod and we can use both of iPhones with this. I like to listen to NPRs chapter a day at 12:30. Good time to break for lunch and someone reads to me. Some days I have trouble picking the station up. But I downloaded the Public Radio app. to my iPhone and can listen to NPR that way. And the sound is SO much better.

For $200 this was a good deal in my book. I've looked at these for quite a while and found this one through an email from Apple. I thought if they endorsed it that was a good enough for me.

And don't forget my ebay auctions....