white wizard...

This stuff is magic. I generally don't get excited about a cleaning product. I recently took coffee stains out of a white shirt. I've also taken red lipstick out of carpet using this.

From the layout and type styles used I am going to guess that this has been around since the 70s. It has that look to me, but I could be wrong.

It says: For use on virtually any stain... grease, oil, blood, ink, pets, pet stains, shoe polish, grass stains, chewing gum, nicotine, lipstick, pencil, beer, liquor, berry, fruit juice stains, coffee, tea, food stains, reappearing stains and smoke damage stains. Water not required. Biodegradable

If you want some go to their website www.whitewizardcleaner.com

(Thanks Carol!)

Just FYI.... I am not paid to endorse this, I am not an affiliate.