what's on the drawing board...


big creative week for me. Normally I don't do any freelance work but I've been busy the last couple weeks with some graphic work, some illustrating and lettering and web work for the very small group of people I still do some things for. This week I am mostly back to my work and it is time to start a new font!

The above bag is for a fundraiser. Artists are being asked to decorate a bag any way they want. I think I am going to do black and white doodles on the bag like my doodle fonts. Pondering if it should be a category or just a little of everything... not sure yet.

I wanted to do some modern calligraphy script fonts for a long time. I think I may be close to starting. I do know that this one will be called RSVP.

One of my best selling fonts is Plz Print Brush. It was my second font and that was 10 years ago and I know I can make a better version now so I am giving this some thought too. It will be called Plz Print Marker Outline.

Probably somewhere in between I will make another destination Doodle font. That will be New Orleans Doodles. I've been there quite a few times so that will help me with the fine details.

What is on your drawing board?