Wednesday in Bowler...

John's visit to the new agency went very well and he may have a job in Iowa City right after Christmas. Of course as I am learning with his new work everything changes in 5 minutes so who knows. But they were very receptive and that was nice.

We spent yesterday and last night in Stratford with my family. Stratford is where I grew up. When I was here the population was 1,006, now it is 1500. The middle of the state of Wisconsin is very pretty but has no large cities.

And now we are in Bowler, WI. Bowler is only 66 miles from where I grew up but I have never been here. Wikipedia says that Bowler has 90 families, and 343 people. We are staying at the Konkapot Lodge which is near the Casino. Today John is a principle in the TV and web shoot for the casino. It is a big shoot with about 50 people over several days. He is now booked for 2 of the 4 days. I am not sure if we are on a Mohican reservation or not, need to ask someone.

I am on the home stretch of my redesigned web site. That is good work for in a hotel.