Thursday in Bowler & Wausau...

Cold, bright and sunny here today. Big snow coming over night though. We are wondering if we will get out of here tomorrow when John's shoot is done. And there should be more snow as we keep driving south to get home. This is the lodge we are staying at. I am blogging in the lobby. Internet as well as cell phone service is spotty. No internet in the room which is just fine. The room is like all hotel rooms but the lobby is cozy with a huge Christmas tree, fireplace and lots of comfy leather furniture. And I have a mug of chia tea.

John's shoot yesterday went well, I dropped him off at noon and picked him up about midnight. Now he is napping because the print shoot will be at 1:30AM, yesterday was the TV part. We were both happy that he could find a hotspot to get a call out to me to come and get him last night.

We keep driving by this farm that has all these bowling pins nailed to a fence.

We drove into Wausau about 30 miles away to find some lunch and YARN. I was getting panicky as I brought 3 partially finished projects with me and 2 are done. I should have taken gauge into consideration and put a pair of sox in or something. So we went to the Black Purl which is a lovely yarn store. I recommend it if you are in the area. It had a table of friendly knitters including the owner. I got yarn and needles to make some nice heavy, wool, cream mittens and was waylaid by the cedar chest full of 60% odds and ends. I am the one (or 2 skein) wonder. I love to buy one ball of this or that. So I did, unfortunately this leads to lots of yarn but not enough of anything to make much.

A couple blocks down the street from the Black Purl is Evolution. I was here once with my SIL Pat and my Mom. It is a darling store with more good visuals than it is possible to absorb. A perfect bit of Christmas. Lots more good visuals but it was -9 and I am using my iPhone camera.

Tomorrow we go home, hopefully.

Nancy left this comment on yesterday's post about Shawano...

And . . . so then what happened?? This is like a phone conversation when the voice is cut off and there is a thud and I'm saying "Hello? Hello?" Should I call the police? Don't keep me in suspense.

Here is a link to the story...

And Happy Birthday Beth!