We were Rock Stars!

Last night John and I gave an hour long presentation at the Madison Area Technical College (MATC) on "How to make and market a Font". On John's last photo shoot John mentioned that I was a type designer. A woman from the local agency doing the shoot said that she also taught at night at MATC, was teaching a Design Fundamentals class, they were studying type at the moment and would I like to come and speak.

I agreed to do this because I have only met one other person who makes fonts and I thought I had something interesting to say.

On Monday after choosing Thursday night to speak and after having company Tuesday and Wednesday I remembered that I don't just get up and talk (you can tell I don't do this often) I need a plan. So at 4pm on Wednesday John and I started to put together a 25 slide Powerpoint presentation.

So last night we did it and I think it went well and we were interesting. John introduced us, I talked about the creative side, he explained the technical side and I talked about how I market.

John has always wanted to teach. He would really like to teach 3rd grade. But he might enjoy teaching a broadcast class of some kind. After the teacher asked if she could give our name to the other people who teach design classes so we may be invited back to do our little presentation again.

(Terry can you believe I did this?)