We are in!

This is how big things get to the second floor. The guest room balcony is over the front door. 2 Men and a Truck hoisted things up and over... with John's much needed help.

This is our really heavy, long, narrow dresser. I think all 4 guys will be feeling it today. This one scared me. 2 guys and John on the balcony. One guy on the ladder below and the ladder started to slip. There was some panic.

And we next need to go back to the apartment. Will put up a flyer to try and sell the table and chairs to someone in the building... Clean and get out!

But we got to sleep in our own bed in the condo. That was just lovely.

Another big week upcoming... workmen again, us painting, unpacking, cleaning here after the apartment is done. Need to find a plumber etc.

And when it was all in the movers left we looked at each other astounded that we have so little stuff. (Probably because we have moved all the boxes already into the basement and clothes and dishes are mostly put away) I said I am fearful that we have a warehouse full of stuff somewhere that we have forgotten about and we will be getting a call from someone shortly.

It is perfect. It is home. I am so blessed and amazed to be here.