Happy Memorial Day!

Interesting dishes at a tag sale. This sale was awful. It looked like it is ongoing every day and that the stuff sits out in whatever weather. But I like these random 3 plates stacked together.

We will spend our Memorial Day back at the apartment getting that cleaned. We did manage to start and get some cleaning done while the movers were loading up. Also will make a flyer to sell the dining room table and chairs.

This will will be another week of work men finishing up, carpet cleaning, new furniture delivery and we need to pick a paint color (taupe) and paint the living/office/foyer area. Also need to buy new trim and paint that white so we can get that put back on... and the basement is full of all the boxes of stuff that was in storage and out of sight for a year.

But we have accomplished a huge amount. We moved in here one month to the day after closing so there is a good reason for being tired. It is lovely to sleep in our own bed again.