wacom intuos drawing tablet

Keep meaning to blog about my drawing pad which I like. I got it a year ago and did nothing with it for 6 months. I starting using it over the Winter. I bought it because there are repetitive motions when making fonts. I thought switching to this and using a pen would be better than my magic track pad. Works great for that. In fact I have become really proficient as I used my keyboard and magic track pad with my left hand and used the tablet with my right hand. So I could blow through the repetitive tasks. I have not yet drawn with it and may never do that. I really like choosing the paper... smooth or textured and then weight of pen and then how it drags or doesn't over the paper. I miss that tactile quality on the tablet. But that is just me and I am old school and that was how I was trained.

The only thing I don't like is completely personal is that it is black with a black cord. I have white Techline desk and silver Mac equipment. So I put it away when it is not in use. I got the 'small' tablet above which still is a 8" x 12" footprint on my desk. That gives you a 4.5" x 7" work area. That is enough for me and what I do. I would hate to give up more desk space for a larger one.

I got a refurbished one on Amazon and was very pleased with that as well as the $100+ savings.