type tuesday-d.i.y. modpodge box...

I like making these mindless modpodge wooden boxes. I made a Paris one and a button one. I like making them out of stuff that is laying around that I have collected.

I get my boxes at Michael's. They are cheap but not always smooth. Since I cover almost the whole box with ephemera that is fine. This one is 9.25 x 12 and will live in my office to hold all those papers that I can't quite part with yet. When the box is full I will sort and toss and start over.

I used an Emigre font sample book from many years ago for the bottom of the box. And part of a page from a really large calendar for the top. The ink bottle I found many years ago in a junk shop somewhere and the Koh-i-noor pen was from my art school days.

I got a new small sander and think that I should sand the boxes first. It would make the gluing process a little smoother. All in all I am pleased with the end result. And anything that give me a place to put paper is good.

Maybe some year I will make boxes for people as gifts. It would be fun to try and make a box to suit a particular friend. And then put something special inside as a little surprise.