type tuesday... beautiful handwriting from 1916...

Our neighbor Ellie gave me this postcard. It was sent to her Aunt in 1916. Her Aunt was an opera singer and traveled the world. Olivia Monona was her stage name and from the sounds of it lived a very interesting life.

I am very interested in A.M.H. who penned this little message. I assume the writer was a woman because of the feminine look of the lettering. But maybe she was writing this for someone else, who knows... As someone who makes letters for a living I am so intrigued by this. The lines are even thinner on the original and so very delicate. They would have been drawn with pen and ink and a very steady and talented hand.

I can only assume that to have had this training and time to learn this in 1916 you would have had to have been somewhat wealthy. The sad thing is to see this skill level and at this time this would have been how you would have used this talent. A.M.H. could have designed beautiful typefaces if she lived now. I wonder what her life was like and how she met Ellie's Aunt.

(Thank you Ellie, I'll treasure this. As you know I love things like this.)