Two Days in October, a documentary

In October 1967, a U.S. regiment walked into a Vietcong ambush that killed 61 soldiers -- and raised doubts about whether the war was winnable. Meanwhile, University of Wisconsin students were protesting the presence of Dow Chemical recruiters on campus; the demonstration soon spun out of control, marking the first time a protest became violent. Told by those who took part in the events, the film offers a window into a defining American moment. - Netflix This documentary was based on the book, They Marched into Sunlight by journalist David Maranis. I need to get the book as the documentary did not go into the building on campus that was blown up. I wanted to see this PBS documentary because it takes place in Vietnam and in Madison. It was very powerful and certainly showed how the rioting started here. This was the first student protest that became violent. The actual footage of the police in full riot gear with clubs just beating the kids. Footage of soldiers in Vietnam, the Chancellor at the UW, the local police. Interesting for those who lived through that time and even more important for those who did not. Very chilling.