Bohemian Bauble

Here is a cute store. It is an artist's cooperative with handmade things, vintage things and just a lot of fun stuff to look at. It is on Lakeside on the bay next to Lakeside Fibers and a couple blocks from Atomic. I always look at this purse. I always consider this purse and I always put it back. I think I like it because it reminds my of my Aunt Eleanor. She had things like this. I remember pictures of her on vacation in Cuba many years ago. She would have loved this purse.

Since it is a artist's cooperative there is a variety of jewelry etc. More looks than I have shown here. Check it out. Then go next door to Lakeside Fiber and have coffee or wine on the deck over looking the bay at the Washington Hotel Coffee Room. The coffee is fair trade and organic and the food is from local and organic growers. And don't be confused that there is no hotel. Well I guess there is a hotel but it is on Washington Island which is no where near here. (It is off the northern tip of Door County) Why, I don't know.