Turn off the lights before you leave

(John) Yes. London is about to go dark. We leave for the states tomorrow. After a series of connections we'll be back in Eau Claire around midnight Monday night. We've enjoyed our time with Matt here though in the last day or two Rae has finally started to feel the affects of 12 days of walking around. Time to rest when we get back. I went up in the London Eye yesterday. If you aren't familiar, the Eye is the huge ferris wheel like structure across the river from Parliment and Big Ben. A revolution takes a half hour and the "car" holds 10-15 people. It took me 45 minutes waiting in the que but I finally got on and it was a perfect day for it. Clear and sunny. Very fun for me. (Rae can't stand heights so she stayed in the park below.) OK. I'll let her add a few thoughts.

(Rae) Well this has been a truly perfect vacation. Unfortunately I am exhausted much like I felt post hysterectomy and it has only been 3 months... and I may have caught John's cold. But I can rest on the plane...

Keep an eye on the blog after we get home I'll post some pictures and captions then.

Good night.