Home Sweet Home

Well we got home about midnight. When we drove up we saw a welcome home poster made by Braxton (4) and Caden (2).These are the oh so cute neighbor boys. Big Blue (suitcase) was lost. But we didn't care. We slept a few hours and got some food. John ran out to get some golf in. Suitcase has arrived. And I am still feeling jet lagged but will next try and post some photos. This was a truly memorable trip. And as my friend Justine said about her recent trip to Paris, "There was not one disappointing moment." I second that.

CARS... since I drive baby cars all these teeny cars intrigued me.

This is the smart car, whatever that is.

And I would LOVE to own this little green car.

These last 2 shots were of a car at the Ppmpidou Center (modern art museum) They took a Citron and cut it in half and reassembled it. It was a 2 seater, one in front and one in back.

One afternoon as John and Matt had a cigar on the little balcony they were people and car watching. Mercedes were common place. Saw a Masserati and a Ferrari which is just parked on the street. That contiuously amazed Matt. And I have NEVER seem cars parked this tight.

Oh yes gas is $9 something a gallon. You don't see any big SUVs over there.

John is now home from golf and we are both a but fuzzy so we are going out for some food.

More photos tomorrow.