To blog or not to blog...

Thank you all for the comments left on the blog, the emails, the phone calls and email send thru John.

The consensus is that you want me to keep on sharing and that blogs are really all the about the person blogging. I was not sure about sharing about the condo but I am being asked specifically to share that too. Frankly I wish each of my girlfriends had a blog. I would love to know all about them on a daily or weekly basis.

The feeling is that anyone who finds my blog too much me, me, me should not read it.

This did help me work through why I blog. I am an introvert so it really isn't about me sharing about myself. My job is to get up every day and be creative (fonts, a logo, book illustrations at the moment). There are books telling people how to do this. I have my own process and I think blogging is part of that. It helps me be creative in a different way. Being more creative or keeping those skills sharp are a good thing. So I will continue.

This picture was taken along Lake Monona between DT and where we are going to live. Now that I look at it it sort of looks fake like I photoshoped 2 photos together to get this. But I did not.