To blog or not to blog...

I know I have wondered online if I should continue to blog or not. I started my blog when we went to Paris mostly for my Dad. Then I kept up with the blog for him. He said it was a way for him to know what I was doing and it would be a shame if I quit.

But now my Dad is gone.

And today someone told me that my blog was all I, I, I, me, me, me. I think now I blog somewhat out of habit. And since it is about me and my life it is about me. But maybe too much. This reader thinks so.

I know bloggers seem from time to time not sure if they should continue to blog... it is work to think up something interesting to share.

I can easily, very easily not do this...

So I am asking for comments which can be anonymous. Or friends can send me an email... My guess is that I won't post again until I figure this out.