thrifting & knitting...

I was out thrifting with family recently and scored this cute little bag. No one can ever have too many bags. Cute fabric and a cute little shape makes a nice little knitting bag for car trips.

And here is a free pattern for the Helix scarf from Knitting Daily. I am a bit tired of knitting socks and baby hats and think I may make this scarf. Check out the pattern here.

And I even know the yarn I am going to knit it out of. I have the softest alpaca birthday yarn from 3 years ago. And the yarn comes from Dougherty Creek Alpacas in of all places Argyle, WI. I love nothing better than to find a pattern and already have the perfect yarn just waiting to go.

So all you knitters, what is on your needles?

(Thank again for the yarn Jane!)