kloppenburg vs. prosser...

"It's not the people who vote that count, It's the people who count the votes. - Josef Stalin

his quote is an urban legend but it sums up what I feel about the recent election. For those of you not in Wisconsin the race between Prosser the conservative and Kloppenburg the liberal ended with Kloppenburg winning with 206 votes. Then there was an immediate talk of a recount. THEN several days later someone 'found' votes that were never counted which put Prosser ahead by maybe 7,000 votes. I have no idea what will happen but I've heard a rumor about possible involvement by the FBI. If Kloppenburg loses fair and square then the people have spoken. But I really don't trust what is happening in my state.

So I am going to try and not blog about politics because the whole situation makes me feel bad. I need a break.

All I can say is I think we are becoming Florida. And I am not talking about the weather.