my wilderness fabric in a cabin in the bush


One of my most popular wilderness fabrics has found its way into the rugged Alaskan bush. And I could not be more delighted. Come take a peek…


How sweet is this cabin? Tidy, cozy, masculine and very welcoming. I can see a snowy day, a fire in the fireplace, a nap, some knitting and a pot of stew simmering away.


If you are interested in taking a look at this fabric or the whole wilderness collection you can go here.

New fabrics!

I’ve spend time this Winter working on new fabrics for Spoonflower and I thought I would share my designs and inspiration.

nail polish fabric by Rae Kaiser

I am always intrigued by the bottle shapes as well as all the colors in nail polish. This could be fun in a tween bedroom, pillows maybe? Or wallpaper one wall? Maybe gift wrap her birthday gifts in the wrapping paper? Pastel colored nail polish fabric on Spoonflower

Eat your Fruits and Veggies

This print makes me think of a farm house kitchen with this pattern used in light weight cotton for curtains. Windows open, curtains blowing in a breeze. To be used with the Eat your Fruits and Veggies 4-up dish towels. Eat your Fruits and Veggies on Spoonflower

dishtowels from Spoonflower and Roostery

These four dishtowels on Spoonflower are printed on one yard of 54” wide cotton, linen, canvas fabric. You cut apart and hem. These make great gifts, everyone can use a new dishtowel, or two or four. Eat your Fruits and Veggies Dish Towels Spoonflower.

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 2.45.06 PM.png

In addition, Roostery who is Spoonflower’s sister site sometimes has items in finished form. These dishtowels can be ordered already hemmed. Note that you get 2 dishtowels finished from Roostery, rather than 4 unfinished from Spoonflower. Eat your Fruits and Veggies Dish Towels on Roostery.

Baby bear fabic on Spoonflower

I see this baby bear design in a knit for a little onesie. Or wallpaper in the nursery. Or bibs. Nice little unisex pattern. Playful Baby Bear on Spoonflower

wilderness animal print on Spoonflower by Rae Kaiser of outside_the_line

My newest and favorite fabric so far. I wanted to do something in this type of interlocking pattern. I started by using images from many of my fonts. Then I drew some images as needed to fill in. Love the colors of charcoal and khaki. Same pattern in 2 colorways for versatility. Wilderness Animal Pattern Khaki on Charcoal. and Wilderness Animal Pattern Charcoal on Khaki


Last, but not least, is a new set of dish towels. I really, really like these. Just cut the 4 towels apart and hem.

Make matching table cloths, napkins, place mats, curtains, etc. from the yardage above. The yardage and dishtowels pattern vary a little.

Or do a wall of wallpaper.

There is also matching wrapping paper too in the 2 color ways .

Fun as a hostess gift when visiting the cabin or lake house.

If you are interested you can see my complete fabric collection here. Thanks! Rae

dish towels + jack and ella + free font


Wilderness dish towels in neutrals and browns. These are fabrics from the now completed Wilderness Collection. These were a birthday present for a girlfriend who vacationed in Alaska last Summer. They were a hit. These dishtowels are available on Spoonflower in my shop. You can also buy additional yardage for napkins too. If you are buying the dishtowels you get all 4 towels on one yard of 54" x 36" cotton, linen, canvas fabric. You just cut them apart and hem the edges.

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 11.16.44 AM.png

My friend, the talented Jessica, of Jack +  Ella Paper has a newly designed website and a wholesale catalog. Check her out here. Not that I am bragging or anything but I lettered her new logo and lots of my doodle illustrations show up on her cards. You can stock up here. I am my mother's daughter. Betty sent a lot of cards. She always had a box or two of all occasion cards to send on a moments notice. I sent 2 birthday cards this morning and have a get well card that needs to go out this week too. So much easier when you already have cards on hand.


I am going to send more newsletters. If you would like to receive one sign up on the right. (You can only do this on the computer, sorry.) If you are new to the list and would like a free font go to the fonts page and pick one out. Email that to me using the ASK RAE link at the top. Have a great week everyone!

Wilderness Fabric Collection is done!


Finally. I am excited to be able to show you this collection in its entirety! I've worked on this off and on for over a year. So it is good to have pulled it all together and finished it. You can see it all on Spoonflower

Spoonflower is a print on demand site. You choose your design, you choose your yardage, you choose the fabric you want to printed it on and order.

This collection was inspired by an amazing trip to Alaska several years ago. I also created a font Wilderness Doodles. Most of these illustrations come from that font.

These prints are offered as fabric, wallpaper and wrapping paper. The uses and combinations are endless. Any, or all of the prints would make a great quilt for your outdoorsman or woman. Wallpaper a wall in the man cave and add some throw pillows. Or a friend is using one pattern in this cabin in the bush... curtains, tablecloth, napkins. Options are endless. Pick just one pattern or use all one color or use them all together. They were designed to mix and match.

Coming soon will be dish towels. Four dish towels on one yard of fabric.