Wilderness Fabric Collection is done!


Finally. I am excited to be able to show you this collection in its entirety! I've worked on this off and on for over a year. So it is good to have pulled it all together and finished it. You can see it all on Spoonflower

Spoonflower is a print on demand site. You choose your design, you choose your yardage, you choose the fabric you want to printed it on and order.

This collection was inspired by an amazing trip to Alaska several years ago. I also created a font Wilderness Doodles. Most of these illustrations come from that font.

These prints are offered as fabric, wallpaper and wrapping paper. The uses and combinations are endless. Any, or all of the prints would make a great quilt for your outdoorsman or woman. Wallpaper a wall in the man cave and add some throw pillows. Or a friend is using one pattern in this cabin in the bush... curtains, tablecloth, napkins. Options are endless. Pick just one pattern or use all one color or use them all together. They were designed to mix and match.

Coming soon will be dish towels. Four dish towels on one yard of fabric.




NEW! Spoonflower Dish Towels

Mike's Dish Towels #2

Mike's Tea Towel #2

I like dishtowels a lot. And I like to design them. Especially when I can use illustrations from one of my fonts. These towels were inspired by my font Wilderness Doodles. I like to design doodle location fonts after I have been somewhere where so I can absorb the location. These were drawn after an amazing trip to Alaska. And are a Christmas gift for our friend who lives there. You can see them here.

Mike's Dish Towel #2

These checks are 2" wide.

Mike's Dish Towel #2

These dish towel are for sale on Spoonflower.com. When buying them use the recommended fabric. 54" wide, 36" deep and use the Linen Cotton Canvas fabric. If not, there is a good chance you will be disappointed. And we don't want that.

Mike's Dish Towel #2

Just so you know. When you buy this item you are buying a yard of fabric. You need to cut the dish towels apart and then hem the edges. Or find someone who will do that for you.

Mike's Dish Towels #2

These squares are also 2". Also when you buy this yard you get all 4 designs.

These make great gifts to all who live "up north".