color and texture & a tree


just a pretty shot in my office of pattern, visual texture and that pale pink color against the soft grays and black.

IMG_1616We were just driving down the street one day and there was this tree. Amazing! Wish it was in my yard.


And I finished the update to my website!!! Unfortunately it won't look any different to anyone unless you buy a font. Or you click on some links in the navigation bar. So now I am back to living in the creative world again. Next up is finishing a printable calendar for etsy and a new font. More soon.....


eggs and color


No these are not dyed. But what a lovely color palette. Especially that soft blue one and that pinky peach one.

My posts have been rather sparse of late. I am doing a site overhaul. Nothing you will really see unless you purchase a font. I am working on a real shopping cart. That means I am remaking probably 90 pages all in WordPress. That is cutting into my blogging time and leaving me rather uncreative.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words I'll probably be posting more of those. online training tutorials

I am taking breaks to learn Twitter by doing a online class at I am an affiliate but I really believe in these easy-to-follow videos. I just resigned up today. I expect to know all I need to know in a month's time and will cancel. So for $25 while sitting at my desk I can learn about twitter for business. Can't beat that. If you are so inclined to learn something this month click on the graphic above.

photo friday & giveaway


a few shots from the last week as the weather starts to look a lot different. Hazy and gray... I've started another Sky & Lake Scarf to note this new daily palette. Using grays and a soft blue gray mohair.

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photo friday


Sunset at Tenney Park with our friend Laurie and a sunrise on our lake. All enhanced using the Lo-Mob filter app on my iPhone.

No idea where this shot came from. But it is fun and can be a background for something someday.

Here I was playing on my iPad using the Type Drawing app. This is my first attempt. You start with a photo, pick a font, pick a color and type your copy. Using a stylus or your finger the faster you draw the bigger the type is. Fun.

photo friday


still very happy with my Canon G12. My only complaint is that it did not come with a paper manual. It came with a manual on a CD which does not help me when I am out shooting. And when I got my camera there were no after market books out because it was too new.

I finally got one and think I am going to like this author. Since I can get good shots knowing very little about my camera I am looking forward to reading this and taking better shots. Links below if you are interested in the book or camera.