eggs and color


No these are not dyed. But what a lovely color palette. Especially that soft blue one and that pinky peach one.

My posts have been rather sparse of late. I am doing a site overhaul. Nothing you will really see unless you purchase a font. I am working on a real shopping cart. That means I am remaking probably 90 pages all in WordPress. That is cutting into my blogging time and leaving me rather uncreative.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words I'll probably be posting more of those. online training tutorials

I am taking breaks to learn Twitter by doing a online class at I am an affiliate but I really believe in these easy-to-follow videos. I just resigned up today. I expect to know all I need to know in a month's time and will cancel. So for $25 while sitting at my desk I can learn about twitter for business. Can't beat that. If you are so inclined to learn something this month click on the graphic above.