Many ways to say I love you!

I know. Who wants to think Valentine’s Day when, like me, all the Christmas decorations are not put away. But it is just around the corner. These heart fonts are a great shortcut to a professional quickie invitation, kid’s valentines, lunch box notes, flyers etc. Endless choices.


Keep it simple in the new year. Here are 4 different heart fonts. $9 each for a limited time. Soooooo many uses for all those last minute things. The top 2 are my designs and the bottom 2 are Justine Childs.

You can see them here If you want to use these fonts to print things you want to sell contact Rae (using the Ask Rae link above) she would be delighted to chat with you.

Hey DIYers... make your own Valentines!


I know it seems like Christmas was just here. But I am here to tell you that Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Frankly, I like Valentine's Day more than Christmas. Expectations are lower, little kids exchange valentines in school, it involves candy.

And I know you DIYers start early making things. I think early is now. So here are 4 fonts for almost nothing. You can make Valentines for years. Plus they can be used for weddings, birthdays, invitations, flyers. I know you are a creative group you probably have more ideas than I do.

But I'll share a couple of mine...

This is an old card I made. It was initially for thank you notes after our wedding. But have been used as note cards and Valentines over the years. Our wedding announcement was a seven panel accordion fold piece also using these hearts.

You can make smaller notes with 1 or 3 or 4 hearts.

This is a personal favorite. The inside says, "I love you more than bacon." And who doesn't like bacon? It could also say, more than sushi. Or hunting season... or Paris... you get the idea.

A multi-use blank card. Very simple. Use it to convey your thoughts on a break up, death, heart break, when someone is sad, a loss of any kind. It is actually an all-occasion sympathy card without all the hearts and flowers.

These 4 fonts include over 100 hearts, something for everyone.

If this at all interests you visit my store here. You MUST buy from the link that is for the 4 fonts in order to get this deal.

Happy making!

Save a Date Challenge on Minted


The Save a Date challenge just closed this Tuesday and it appears there is a very short voting period. Voting closes noon Tuesday Central Time. The above Save a Date is as minimal as they get. And what I would use if I was getting married.


This one is certainly fun and young. Or young at heart. I like the mix of some of my doodles and good typography. I like just that tiny bit of red.


Really like the tight cropping on this one and all the copy in the circle. Clean and contemporary.


Fun and funky type. Lost of space for your horizontal photo.


Perfect for a Fall or Winter wedding date. Or use it year round if you live where pine is everywhere.

Thanks to any of you who vote. It is best to use the links in this post, then you go right to the card.

If you vote for mine plz vote for some others. Lots of talent there. And Minted doesn't like it if you just vote for me.