when you were in the grocery store line and for the first time the grocery boy calls you Ma'am? And you look around wonder who in the world he is talking to? Well.

Just back from my brow wax. I got to the school of cosmetology. It is cheap and quick and easy, home in 45 minutes.

Had my wax, gave the women a twenty and she gave me odd change back. I told her she gave me the wrong change. She explained that it was Senior Citizen Day. Still confused I tried to give the extra $1 back until it occurred to me that she had given me THE SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNT.

She then looked uncomfortable and mumbled, "I don't ask."

I know I now looked horrified. I stammered something like, "Well that's why there are all those old, bad drivers in the parking lot." Took my $1 and left.

My first Senior Citizen Discount.


And who decides who is a Senior? I drive a white Miata not a Cadillac boat. Of course AARP would take you at 12 if they could.

It's a lot like being called Ma'am for the first time, only more unbelievable.