Car Knitting...

We are in the middle of our Summer traveling. That means many weekend trips throughout the tri-state area. All three to five hours each. And anything more than one hour in the car is too much for me. So I have a new thing to keep from whining. Books on tape (the Sue Grafton series and Stephen King for John) and NPR movie reviews on my iPod and car knitting. In Summer I have to knit different things from in Winter. I can't stand to knit hot, wooly or fuzzy things in Summer. So I've been knitting chenille washcloths. It has a good Summer feel, it is all garter stitch and the needles are an 8. All good things for the car.

I am not a fast knitter and don't want to be. Knitting is a meditative thing for me. A pleasant way to pass the time. For me it is the journey not the destination.

If you are interested here is the link for the pattern, it is free.

Happy Knitting! Rae